Is Your School Making Your Students Sick?

Does Your School Suffer from Indoor Air Pollution?

For 10 months each year, children spend the majority of their day inside a school building. Not surprisingly the EPA listed Indoor Air Quality as one of the top 5 health risks to our children and reported a healthy indoor environment can reduce a student’s number of absents and even raise test scores!
Indoor air pollution comes from many sources and often occurs in the process of trying to make the classrooms clean and look fresh, which includes paints.

zero VOC paints
Zero VOC paint offers health benefits with no sacrifice in colors or quality!

Using Zero VOC paints to reduce indoor air pollution is recommended by the EPA. The list of immediate health effects from exposures to VOCs vary from headaches to dizziness to difficulty breathing. Long terms effects can include asthma, organ and central nervous damage as well as cancer.

Still find VOCs a bit confusing?
Jennifer at The Smart Mama gives a good explanation of VOCs. She also touches on the regulatory framework products like zero VOC paint fall under.

No ill effect if painting is done with people in the building! Or even the room!

With nontoxic paint the maintenance schedule is more flexible as the building doesn’t have to be unoccupied. However, you do need to remember to put up Wet Paint signs because without an odor there are no clues an area was just painted! Also it is often a myth environmentally safer products don’t hold up well or can’t be cleaned. Zero VOC paints are easy to clean and often cost efficient. Best of all, with today’s technology, we can match any paint color you choose!

Healthy Product Declarations, Sustainable Jersey Green Schools, Living Building Challenge, Designated Persons, CEFM’s, USGBC, LEED, Blue Ribbon Schools, CHPS, parents and building occupants with concerns about asthma triggers and other health issues recognize the benefits and would prefer the use of safer products, such as zero VOC paints.

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