Why is using zero VOC paint important?

Why is zero VOC paint important? There is a lot of chatter in mainstream blogs and news outlets about choosing zero VOC products. While chemical sensitive people often get headaches from the smell of high VOC products like paint, others love the smell— so is the smell an indicator of how good or bad VOCs are for you? Are the people who love the smell of fresh paint unaware of how harmful it is? Or is it okay to inhale if they don’t experience any obvious side effects?

What are VOCs

VOCs stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, but just what are VOCs? The website How Stuff Works states VOCs are the most dangerous component in household paint as VOCs have been linked to several health issue from nausea to cancer. The VOCs are released into the air as the paint dries. Most of the VOCs off-gas into the air fairly quickly, but studies have shown the off gassing can continue for years. While this is a concern outdoors, indoors the off gassing is 10 to 1000 times higher, especially in poorly ventilated rooms.  Breathing in VOCs is harmful to all humans, but may be especially dangerous to newborns.

Do VOCs increase the risk of SIDS?

Nursey.about.com suggests that even though VOCs and indoor air pollution are not on the American Association of Pediatricians official SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) risk list, parents should avoid them. The article reasons that while the respiratory issues, such as asthma, connected to VOCs by the EPA don’t usually cause death in an adult, these samerespiratory issues are connected to SIDS. Which is reason enough parents should consider playing it safe and switch to zero VOC products with non toxic vapors.

low VOC paint
Low VOC paint comes in every color regular household paints do!

Switching to zero VOCs paints doesn’t have to be like switching from a regular pasta to spiralized zucchini pasta. All the color options are still available. Thanks to today’s technology any color in found in regular household paint company can be matched with a zero VOC paint and the price is comparable! If the only thing you are sacrificing is the VOCs themselves, why not make a switch to a smarter, healthier paint?

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